Reports module is an important part of restaurant management software. It allows managers to get an overview of what is happening in the restaurant and helps them to make better decisions. The reports module can provide information on sales, inventory, employees, and other areas of the restaurant. This information can help managers to identify areas where they need to make changes and improve the business.

Features of Reports Module

Reports Module, designed by our company, is flexible solution which:

Gives the ability to define complex reports,
presents data in tabular form with the option of scrolling, filtering and sorting of results,
presents data in graphic form using any types of graphs.

Other very useful features are:

export data to CSV or XLSX (Microsoft Excel) files,
generating reports with printable versions based on predefined templates.
Reports Module is also a powerful data mining tool. The possibility of defining and modifying reports increase the effectiveness of data analysis, which in turn can translate into making better business decisions.

Reports Module is an integral part of each of our systems

This module allows businesses to generate detailed reports on a variety of aspects of their operations. Reports can be customized to show exactly what information is needed, making it an invaluable tool for assessing performance and identifying areas for improvement.

The reports module can be used to generate both standard and custom reports. Standard reports typically include information such as total sales or expenses for a given time period, while custom reports can be tailored to include whatever data is needed. This flexibility makes the module ideal for any business that wants to track its progress and performance over time.

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