POS Order Management

A point of sale (POS), an important component of a point of purchase, refers to the location where a customer pays for goods or services and at which sales taxes may be collected. It can be in a physical store, where POS systems are used to process cashless card payments, or on a virtual sales point, such as a computer or a smartphone.

Online Or Offline

Cosmic point of sale will stay reliable even if you cannot get the internet.

Set up new stores quickly and effortlessly with merely an Internet connection. Then use your Point of Sale from any place at any time. While an Internet connection is necessary to start the Point of Sale, it will not cease functioning even in the event of complete disconnect.

Integrated Inventory 

Accurate forecasts pertaining to real-time control over the procurement of supplies.

The device will automatically input any trade from the POS into the stock according to Cosmic Inventory. As soon as a new product is available, the app will show you its availability right away, allowing you to decrease dead stock without wasting time and energy. Additionally, the POS is compatible with ERP. Do not waste time and set up a separate stock.

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