Delivery Management

Delivery Management

Delivery Management software is becoming an increasingly popular choice for restaurant management. Unidiner helps to manage the delivery process for restaurants, making it more efficient and organized. It can help to track orders, ensure that food is delivered on time, and manage delivery drivers. Unidiner can be a valuable tool for restaurants that deliver food.

Features of Delivery Module

A delivery management system, or DMS, is a computer system used by couriers and delivery services to manage their deliveries. A DMS can automate many tasks related to delivery, such as creating delivery routes, tracking packages, and managing customer information.

Taking orders for several locations at the same time

If you run a franchise or chain, the Unidiner can help you manage your deliveries as efficiently as possible. One driver can manage multiple deliveries at the same time, providing you with as much peace of mind as you know that your driver’s time is well spent and you save on overtime costs. The app can also provide separate delivery reports for each location.

Payment and order information.

The driver can see how each order he’s distributing is constructed. This includes information about the shipping address and specific customer phone number, then a description of each position on the bill, including what type of payment was made. When an order has arrived, the driver inputs the form of payment and carries out the transaction.

Driver’s automatic reports

The business owner also sees the sales reports from the office, and this makes it easier for him to settle the accounts at the business at a later time. It includes a breakdown of payments by type (debit card, cash, etc.), the number of bills and deliveries, and the general summary.

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